Overview & Features

When Siete7, LLC, bought the 999 E. Touhy property in the Spring of 2008, the primary intention was to find a highly functional building to house its flagship operation, EMERgency24. Founded in Chicago more than 40 years ago, EMERgency24 is an Underwriters Laboratories-listed central station alarm monitoring company.

To maintain this important designation, the company is required to meet specific operational standards for its physical plant, and implement defined security procedures to ensure the integrity of data provided by our customers.

Due to EMERgency24’s reliance on communication technology and the need for a mission-critical facility that can remain operational even after primary system failures, the 999 E. Touhy building will be upgraded to provide the utility redundancies required for 24/7/365 usage.


Increased Sustainability for 999 E. Touhy

Siete7, LLC, is taking measures to increase sustainability and minimize its environmental footprint by purchasing more efficient systems – environmental control and lighting – that minimize electrical draw significantly.

Another recent project that has been completed was the caulking and re-painting of the exterior of the building. As a preventative maintenance measure, caulking fills any gaps in the building’s exterior to provide additional thermal insulation, control water penetration and to mitigate sound.

Siete7, LLC, has also implemented a comprehensive recycling program at 999 E. Touhy and will encourage the use of hybrid electric cars by providing outlets in the parking lot to encourage the use of this emerging “green” transportation technology.


Parking Lot Resurfaced

The 999 E. Touhy parking lot was recently resealed and relined in accordance with American Institute of Architect’s specifications that were developed to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements. This will also protect the lot’s exposed surface and minimize pot holes that can damage vehicles.


Building Features